Jailbreak Your iPad

Want to Jailbreak Your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch – Get into Each and Every Details

Suppose you are looking to jailbreak your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch then you have reached the right destination. Here we will provide you with an ultimate guide of jailbreaking and how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod and iPad touch.

ultimate guide of jailbreaking

What’s Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is a process of removing all the restrictions in iOS device, and allow the root access to iOS filesystem so it will run the jailbreak update that isn’t approved by Apple. This allows you install the third-party apps that Apple does not allow or will not approve in their App Store. Jailbreak apps & tweaks enable you things such as customize the iPhone like changing the carrier logo, allows you to have five icons in a dock instead of default 4, do custom actions like long hold on a Home button to allow Night Shift instead doing this from the Control Center, and much more.

Will Jailbreak Void My iPhone’s Warranty?

As per Apple’s support about jailbreaking, they “might deny service for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that has ever installed any kind of unauthorized software.” But, it is simple to restore this device to the factory settings so that Apple won’t find out that you had ever jailbroken your device. But, you can do it if you follow some simple procedure, visit https://sicmobile.com/ and get more details.

Starting the jailbreak procedure

To actually begin the jailbreak procedure, you have to first update the device to latest iOS jailbreak version. In such case, it is iOS11.2.5 and 11.2.6. You may use iTunes for managing any update, or you can use the convenient OTA update that your device provides you.

latest iPhone jailbreak

When you plug in the device to iTunes, it will prompt you for download and run iOS update for the device. Moreover, if you have not already updated to latest iTunes version, then you must do with latest iPhone jailbreak. Suppose your device isn’t jailbroken, you can update to iOS11.2.6 with no problems. Suppose your phone is jailbroken, then iOS will not complete its update and force in the recovery mode. Do not worry! Just let iTunes run the recovery with latest iOS jailbreak version. When completed, you device will be reset to the factory settings.