viking wedding rings

What Makes Viking Rings So Popular?

The Viking rings, the rings that influences the Viking, their culture, their legend and their lifestyle. The designs are depicted by various images according to mythology that has a specific meaning. These rings are not any ordinary rings they are extraordinary rings that signifies the Viking cultures and traditions. The Viking rings are made up of metals other than gold and silver, which are more commonly used by other jewelers. People are not only restricting themselves for gold and silver ornaments but prefer to try different metal rings. The rings are unique in its design. People who want to try something different visit the sites to have the glimpse of the design and the pattern. The Viking wedding rings are now available in wide range and variety.The Vikings have ruled most the places and have left their traces all over.

The Viking rings have a specific meaning on the images depicted, and are of wide range, thus making it popular among other rings.

Finger Rings – The rings are available in gold, silver, copper alloy, lead alloy, amber, Jet, Glass, and Bone materials. Listed below are some of the popular Viking rings for every purpose.

viking wedding rings

Prevalent Wedding Rings

  • Viking Spiral Ring – this ring is inspired from the Bronze age
  • Reproduction Scandinavian Viking Brass finger Ring- the ring is dating back to the 10th century A.D. this ring was found on the western Ukraine.
  • Renaissance ring in shape of rose
  • Hand-forged non-magnetic surgical stainless steel.
  • Detaile replica of ring – the ring is made up of high bronze and silver material.
  • Anglo- Saxon finger ring – this ring was used in the year 775-850 AD. The original ring was made of silver but now it is available in bronze. The diameter of the ring can be easily adjustable and are of three different sizes. The rings fit into every suitable finger.

Arm and Neck Rings – Neck rings are made up from rod, plaited, twisted and embellished twisted material. The arm rings are made from rod, plaited, twisted, embellished twisted, wire.

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