Trend of Patches and Name Patches

Patch collection is one of the oldest hobbies. Sticking the embroidered patches are a unique way to look different. The fact which we never cognizant of is that the earliest patches were unearthed in the Chinese dynasty. it paved the way to trace the way of discovery of patches. They were discovered hundreds of years ago. They reveal many shreds of evidence about the tradition and cultures of the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Earlier patches were used for the identification. There are various types of patches which reveal the identity of the person.

Discovery of Patches

Various historians claim that it might be possible that the intention for devising different types of embroidery patches was incipiently stated for the identification of military. The main intention for the patches at an earlier time is that the warrior can be distinguished from the normal people. They can be easily identified by their unique patches. As the time changes the patches were modified according to the need of people. Now patches are not only helpful for identifying the profession but also state the position which they possess in their profession.

Types of Patches

Variety of patches of different materials and types are available in the market, these are as follows:

  1. Iron Patches: They are popular and one of the most selling patches worldwide. They receive that much popularity because of its application, They can be easily applied and proved to be as one of the best semi-permanent patches.
  2. Sew Patches: They are highly durable and permanent and used by various people from a decade. They are perfect for achieving vintage looks.
  3. Stick Patches: They are not very common in this category. They are the best option available for achieving temporary positioning. These patches are widely used for occasional uses.

Categories of Patches

There is a huge variation in the categories of the patches, these are as follows:

  • Dragon/Animal/Bug Patches
  • Blank Patches
  • Awareness Ribbons
  • Decorative Appliques
  • Boat/Car /Motorcycle Patches
  • Fruit/Flower Patches
  • Letter Patches
  • Flag Patches
  • Seasonal/Holiday Patches
  • School Patches
  • Name Patches
  • Sports Patches

Name patches are one of the most popular patches among all they are fully customizable. One can design their name patch according to their wish, they can choose their preferred color, size, font spelling etc. Various online websites offer the freedom to choose and customize the name patches according to their users. They also a huge collection of pre-designed patches as well.