Is Powdered Urine a Suitable Alternative to Fake Piss for Drug Tests?

The idea of failing a urine drug test might be scary for some, but what frightens people, even more, is the idea getting caught red-handed if they use synthetic urine kits. The very thought of not failing because of you’re caught cheating can put additional stress and anxiety to your mind. So you ask yourself, “Is there any other way to pass a urine examination?”

Yes, there are ways to help you pass a urine drug test, but most other methods require long preparation times. Hence, these other schemes might not be ideal if the examination is just a few days away.

Benefits of using Fake Piss for Drug Tests

 Albeit powdered urine is an option, it’s not a highly-recommendable as opposed to using synthetic pee kits. However, powdered piss has one definite advantage and it’s that it only requires a few seconds of preparation to make it reach the desired temperature. On the other hand, many fake pee kits require a minimum of 30 minutes before it reaches desired temperature levels. Hence, powdered urine doesn’t require the use of heating pads, and it has all the characteristics of real human piss such as smell, foam, acidity, and color.

If Powdered Urine is so Great, Why Isn’t it a Better Option Than Fake Urine for Drug Tests?

Evolutions in technology are improving laboratory equipment at an astounding pace. As such, there are now different types of lab gear that can detect powdered urine better than synthetic pee. You can still use powdered piss at your discretion, but keep in mind there are larger risks involved as compared to using artificial urine.

 Ease Your Mind With the Use of Fake Pee for Drug Test

 Synthetic pee kits look, feel, and have all the characteristics of human piss that it can easily trick sophisticated laboratory equipment into thinking that the urine actually came from your body. Just make sure that you properly prepare the artificial pee as stated in its instructions, otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and money. The temperature levels of the fake urine is an essential factor to the whole ordeal as it should be the same as regular human urine. Always keep this in mind when you’re about to use a synthetic piss kit.

The idea of using artificial pee kits might be too good to be true, but the reality here is that the product is effective in letting various individuals pass their urine drug examinations. If you want to start searching for the best synthetic urine on the market, the best place to start is at