The Best Tier 9 Tank in WOT

Searching through numerous WOT fan forums in order to make up your mind on which tier 9 tank is the best may be really exhausting. This is why we conducted some analysis to find the one tank that mesmerizes most of the fans ­­­– the USA medium tank M46 Patton.

You can find this one often offered in veteran WOT accounts for sale which proves that it’s actually one of the best tier 9 vehicles. But if you decide to buy WOT account you should at least know the actual pros you’ll get with this titan.


  • 3,450,000 credits


  • M46T119


  • 105 mm T5E1M2


  • Continental AV-1790-7

With M46 Patton, you can play many roles: scout and spotter, flanker, supporter and protector and even a quick harasser. This all-rounder has one of the highest DMP, excellent gun depression and amazing reload-time, nice mobility and impressive set of guns, with a phenomenal gun-handling.

Though it’s maneuverability is high and in a team battle this tank is hard to destroy, M46 Patton is still slower than its tier 9 medium counterparts. The turret is positioned on front and the gun has low dispersion. Also, it doesn’t have enough armor to deflect direct hits without losing the HP. The final aim accuracy is poor, unfortunately, but if you learn to handle this monster you’ll forget about this disadvantage.

Other Pros

  • Great range of view (2nd highest in-game)
  • Good mobility with nice acceleration
  • Turret buffs
  • Acceptable armor on the 2ndturret
  • Good camouflage
  • Nice aim time

Some cons

  • Lower penetration index
  • No hull armor
  • Expensive top gun
  • Poor stock grind

It’d harder to battle with heavy tanks and the long-range fights aren’t a good idea too. Still, M46 Patton is considered to be a very strong and flexible tank with exceptional DPM, a pure comfort to drive.

So, if you found a WOT account for sale with M46 Patton in, don’t hesitate to buy it!