Destiny 2 raids summed up

Destiny as an online game became a sensation when it was released. A first-person shooter released by Bungie, it captured the imagination of game players. Even though it was later criticized as needing many fixes, the game laid the foundation for an even better sequel, Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 takes you on a journey to a futuristic world where the earth has been reduced to a single surviving city. This city comes under attack from aliens and results in the rise of the protecting force of the earth, the Guardians. Guardians are snatched of their protecting power called Light and as a result, have to withdraw. However, they regroup and embark on a journey to defeat the evil alien force and regain their Light.

The game allows both players versus environment and player versus player modes, giving the player tons of options in both modes. The game has exotic graphics and unlimited adventure on track.

The Raids

In player versus environment, raid modes may be the most difficult to play, yet more rewarding. It requires playing with a team constituting of 6 players. To participate in raids you need to have a minimum power level. In addition, the tasks are long and hard and require some level of professionalism in play.

Destiny 2 raid boosts can help players overcome this obstacle. You can either team up with a booster or have the booster play as you in order to gain extra points and credits for your play.

The Leviathan raid

This is the first raid introduced on the consoles and constituted of encounters, puzzles and ultimate boss fights. To access the Leviathan raid you need to select the leviathan icon and initiate ‘On the Comms’. You should also have a minimum Power Level of 270 in order to not be a burden on your 6 man team.

The raid can roughly be divided into eight parts. The order of the encounter of different parts varies from week to week so you can’t be sure of what to expect next. The final part is killing the Emperor Calus and it requires a lot of coordination and practice within the team members.

You can also take the assistance of Destiny 2 raid boost. Boosters can help you get through the difficult stages and support you when dealing with deadly enemies. It is always advisable to have a booster on the team otherwise winning the raids can take a really long time.

As the game progresses, more raids are likely to be introduced, so enjoy them as they come in.