A good control in the budget for the payment of credit cards, relieves charges and maintains financial well-being. If the person is a compulsive buyer and especially with credit cards, there may be consequences. Do not allow the amount of debt with credit cards to exceed the value of the monthly income.

In addition, purchases are made with your card to cover other expenses, such as the mortgage loan fee or public services. It shows a dangerous habit of indebtedness, so this is the time to organize finances.


How to make the budget for the payment of credit cards?

How to make the budget for the payment of credit cards?

You start by making a sum of all income earned during a month of work. If you are employed , and if you receive additional commissions, fees, (other income), for product sales or service provision. The important thing is to be clear about the total income received monthly.

If you are an independent worker in any of the business or commerce sectors and your income is variable. An average should be recorded as a representative value according to the last twelve months to be more accurate.

On the other hand, register and add all the constant expenses, including your credit card fee, in addition to the variables. Of course, these expenses should not be so variable during the month, in order to know the average. Then the Revenue operation is performed minus the expenses to obtain the difference. If there is, it can be used between 70% and 90% to pay the debt. If it is negative, changes need to be made urgently.


Recommendations to pay off your credit card debt

Recommendations to pay off your credit card debt

While paying the debt, do not use the credit card. They are always a temptation at hand, keep it or destroy it.

The amount that remains, after making your normal payments. If possible, pay the difference you can to your credit card debt (up to 90%).

If there is no difference left, then reduce expenses or start by acquiring additional income to cover the debt as soon as possible.

When obtaining additional income, pay once to the debt. Do not expect to do it later, because it is spent on other needs or whims.

If you can apply the advice in general, you will end up canceling that debt soon and get financial solvency. I know that with all freedom you can enjoy a whim or several moments of happiness.

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