A title that has been relaunched more than three times for its resounding success, proposes some basic and easy-to-follow tips for anyone, who will undoubtedly make a change in the way you handle all your finances, especially your credit card.

9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence

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1. Use a card with benefits that you can take advantage of 

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What is the use of having a card that allows you to earn miles if you are not a travel lover? Wouldn’t it be better for you to offer discounts on the places you usually go to? If you are going to have a plastic, it has to be one that gives you something in return: cash, discounts, miles, etc.

2. Pay it in full every month 

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For Vicki Robin, being totaleros is the best we can do by having a plastic. In this way, the interest payment will be zero. But to manage to pay the total is difficult when you spend too much during the month, so, to achieve it, it is necessary to have control of each time you spent your card and know when to say.

3. For large purchases, don’t spend more than you can afford in six months 

But what about the big purchases? While the author advises saving to pay them in cash, she also mentions that, if you will use the card for such purchases, then do not spend more than you can cancel in six months. If you will differ in installments, other than in more than six, that way, the interests will not be astronomical.

Do not forget that each bank has different conditions for interest, benefits, etc., so if you suspect that your card is not charging you a convenient amount or does not give you enough advantages, why stay with it? Don’t waste time and find one that really catches your attention. For that, compare the alternatives in Romeo.com.cl.

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